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Sign Our Petition!

Let’s kick off black history month by getting Harriet Tubman where she belongs on the $20 bill. Please sign and share the petition. 

Whereas, Second Founding of America was established to uncover and celebrate the many hidden stories, places and contributions of the formerly enslaved heroes from the Reconstruction Era; and


Whereas, Harriet Tubman and her inspiring story of leadership and heroism to attain freedom are among the many important untold stories; and


Whereas, recognizing the importance of the unknown the stories and its leaders, the Obama-Biden Administration ordered printing Harriet Tubman on the face of the $20 bill to acknowledge Tubman’s heroism; and


Whereas, the Trump Administration refused to print the Harriet Tubman $20 bill; and


Whereas, the Biden-Harris Administration is promoting diversity, inclusion, unity, mutual understanding, and finding common ground through education;


We the undersigned implore the Biden-Harris Administration to expedite the redesign, printing and circulation of the Harriet Tubman $20 bill.





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