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Our Collaborators

Welcome to "Second Founding of America," an initiative of Reconstruction Era, Inc., both of which were created to carry out the intent of President Obama's Proclamation of 2017 creating the Reconstruction Era National Monument. By Congressional action in 2019, this project became a National Historical Park.


This is an enormous achievement for our State, Region, and Nation, major national scholars and local organizations seeking to learn and teach the long untold and untaught period of American history that brought us the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U. S. Constitution.


The power of this national and local collaboration has moved research and conversation about the era, inspiring new and exciting interpretations of events, places, and people that are embedded in this colorful and dramatic history of our nation.


Through our impressive National Advisory Board we offer support to the National Park Service and fuel our local Reconstruction Era initiative, which includes every Reconstruction-Era organization in the region. We are working with our collaborators to create a national repository of narratives both digitally and in a national museum. You can view their particular missions and projects by visiting their websites provided below.

Message from the Chairman of the Advisory Board


I am honored to serve as the chairperson of the Second Founding of America: Reconstruction Era Advisory Board.  As the chairman, I am committed to supporting the efforts and activities of Reconstruction Era, to bring a broader awareness of its historic significance. I am keenly aware that Reconstruction was a challenging time in our American history that has been overlooked by some and marginalized by others. It is my objective to shine a positive light on the Era of Reconstruction and bring a greater appreciation of how it is knitted in the fabric of our American story.

Michael Allen, Retired NPS Ranger

Message from the Founder


There's nothing more that can begin to heal the soul of this great Nation than to uncover and teach the untold stories of this critical period in history. By doing this we can fulfill the sacred promises of freedom, justice, and equality and create a more civil society. 

Billy Keyserling, Former Mayor City of Era

Our Partners

Reconstruction Era National Historical Park    

Current and Future Collaborating Organizations​

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In January 2020, Second Founding of America: Reconstruction Era had its first Advisory Board Meeting at the Tabernacle Church in Era, SC. 

Second Founding of America: Reconstruction Era's Advisory Board meeting allowed our board members to connect in person and collaborate with each other about the future of the non-profit while also brainstorming about community-based initiatives. While these board members were engaged in group activities, some great ideas were brought to the surface such as:

  • strengthening and enhancing the organizational and leadership structure 

  • continuing to develop a cohesive relationship with the National Park Service

  • furthering outreach to communities and schools on a local, state, and national level. 

While these were only a few suggestions, we have many more that we would like to implement into Second Founding of America: Reconstruction Era.  


Please click on a logo below to find out more information on any of our collaborators. 

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